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What is M.A. Lubricants

M.A. - the high performance metallic lubricant - is a unique concept of lubrication for industry that dramatically reduces operating and maintenance costs, while increasing production.

The average labour cost of plant lubrication is approximately ten times the costs of lubricant purchased. This ration has been determinated by the largest manufacturing companies in the world and is made up of three major factors:

• Time required to apply lubrication.

• Time required ro replace parts, worn out through inefficient lubrication

• The cost of part replacement




M.A. LUBRICANTS not only reduces major portions of all three of these factors; it also creates additional savings by reducting friction, thus saving on energy costs and reducing downtime and production loss. The last tremendous expense can be cut as 50%. Savings on this scale are being achieved by plants of all types and sizes, in every major industrial complex throughout the world.

This is why, in today's highly competitive market there is one area under direct Management control, where substantial economies can be made: Preventive Maintenance.

Every dollar saved in plant maintenance expenditure represents net profit to the company, equivalent to a major increase in production and sales volume.



M.A. Solid Film Lubrication has one single function in industry: to increase tour net profit.


M.A. makes it easily possible for the conscientious Equipment Maintenance employee to take pride in his job. It makes it possible to keep the equipment in his charge in absolutely first-rate operating condition.

The reason for this is that, with M.A., lubrication cycles are extended - as much as 5 times, depending on operating conditions and equipment age.

With M.A., wear to parts is greatly reduced. Working life of bearings and gears is increased by as much as 400/500%.

Starting loads are lessened, reducing friction.



Even the finest machining available today leaves microscopic, rough, uneven surfaces where all friction and subsequent wear are concentrated. M.A. metallic self-lubricating solids, dispersed into the finest base oils and greases, improve such metal surfaces by filling the pits and valleys and providing a more even distribution of workloads.

M.A. Solids provide contact lubrication even when boundary lubrication fails and the oil film between working surfaces is raptured.

M.A. Reduces the cause of friction, the costs of lubrication and preventive maintenance.

• We produce a lot of other special products that are not described in this brochure, as they are not used in all the industries.

• For any information we are at your complete disposal.

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